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Modern facilities of Moresil, with an area of 21.000 m2 where 11.500 are covered

MORESIL, S.L. is a company with more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture of machines for compilation, cleanliness and selection of cereals.

Our products, supported by own patents, are highly recognized in the national market, and we are at the head in corn and sunflower compresses, and collectors and cleansers of olives, as well, having also a great presence in the international markets.

Products manufactured by MORESIL S.L. have great prestige thanks to a efficient work which is carried out and to a careful care for supporting a high quality (we have implanted the system of quality control ISO 9001:2000), further more, we have a permanent labour of investigation to manage to adapt our products to the needs of the farmer and we have also a constant reinvestment which has allowed us to have modern installations within this sector.

1. In the design of the product we use CAD 3D systems in order to study problems related to assembly.

2. With the analysis of finite elements we optimize the performance and design of the product.

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Programa Torres Quevedo
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– Cuantía de la ayuda: 66.966,00 €
– PTQ-10-03178.- Fondo Social Europeo

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