Rotary cutter

Desbrozadoras Plegable MORESIL

The rotary cutter is designed to cut plant cover on the rows when the temperature conditions increase the evapotranspirative demand, causing the tree and the brush to compete for water.

This machine is designed to operate with power from the tractor, while at the same time it is partially suspended with the tractor’s hydraulic arms, leaving the rear portion resting on the ground, on two wheels.

Its size makes it appropriate for the planting grids normally used in olive groves, although the soil quality, topographical features and climate conditions will determine performance.

The rotary cutter maintains the plant cover, which is a technique that is part of the non-working practices, complementary to the provision of plant remains on the soil surface to control erosion.

This machine is especially suited for cutting grass on the premises where there is a “non-working” system with plant cover. It can also be used to clear brush from cotton, maize, sunflower and other crops. It is a high-performance machine due to its working width.

• Hydraulic folding system for easy transportation.
• Working width: 3,25 m.
• Total width: 3,40 m.
• Width folded: 2,10 m.
• Power: 80/90 HP.
• Maximum protection: clutches between gearboxes.

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