Recogedora Trituradora de Poda MORESIL

The shredder is designed to collect the pruning remains, previously bundled in the middle of the row, and scatter them over the entire row as wood shavings.
This machine is designed to operate with power from the tractor, while at the same time it is partially suspended with the tractor’s hydraulic arms, leaving the rear portion resting on the ground, on one wheel.
Its size makes it appropriate for the planting grids normally used in olive groves, although the soil quality, the topographical features and the climate conditions will determine performance.
The shredder establishes an inert plant cover, which is a technique that is part of the non-working practices, complementary to the provision of plant remains on the soil surface to control erosion.

• Working width: 1,60 m.
• Power: 60/80 HP.

Main advantages:
• Any previous preparation is needed.
• Once the tree felling is verified and the big pieces of wood are separated, the branches must be aligned along the street of the olive grove and then pass the machine to get the branches shredded.
• The bars with knives allow to shred with less motive force.