Olives cleaner

Limpiadora de Aceitunas MORESIL

The Moresil Olive Cleaner is designed to clean the olives colleted by the Moresil Olive Collector right at the collection site.

The machine is designed to operate by taking power from the tractor that pulls it.

Its size makes it appropriate for the planting grids normally used in olive groves, although the soil quality, topographical features and climate conditions will determine performance.

The Olive Cleaner provides pre-cleaning for swept olives, eliminating the plant matter found on the ground and all dry material of a size other than that of the olives collected.


– ML- 4000A: Limpiadora sencilla
– ML – 8000: Limpiadora doble
– MLD – 4000: Limpiadora senclla con Motor Independiente.

Limpiadoras de Aceitunas MORESIL


• High cleaning performance.
• Quality cleaning.
• Easy to move and to manipulate.
• Static or mobile.
• Interchangeable cleaning cylinders.
• This machine can be provided with a system to unload in a trailer or in canvas.
• Options: Long or short conveyor belt.

Cribón Limpieza de Aceitunas

El cribón de limpieza de aceitunas es un nuevo modelo de limpiadora, concebida para realizar la operación de pre-limpieza de la aceituna in-situ.

El cribón se utiliza acoplado a la pala del tractor y se acciona mediante las tomas hidraulicas del mismo.

Gracias a su reducido tamaño, se adapta a la mayoría de los marcos de plantaciones y su óptimo rendimiento se consigue gracias a un sistema de cribas y ventiladores.

Cribón Limpiadoras de Aceitunas MORESIL